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Now, more than ever, trust and reputation are everything. There are unscrupulous scammers everywhere so how do you know who to trust? You use partners of well-established secure and reliable household name networks. In my case I trust eBay and eBay trust me!

In my opinion eBay offers the most user-frendly platform, it's highly customer-friendly and the system ensures a smooth transaction every time. There is very little scope for anything other than a happy and satisfying shopping experience with healthy relationships between buyers and vendors, and every aspect of the shopping journey is managed fantastically well.

Why should you buy from me?

I have been buying wholesale and selling to the general public for many years, I like to sell the things that I like and we use as a family, because that way you can see that I believe in the items I sell because we use them in our everyday lives. So you only get to browse and buy what we would use ourselves.

If you're interested in buying top quality useful lifestyle items for your garden, home and leisure pursuits, and adventures, then these ideas are perfect for you.

Just below you will see a menu where the categories in blue contain items that are available to buy right now. The grey buttons are for categories of items either coming soon or temporarily sold out with stock arriving soon.

All your purchases are handled personally by Andy, and I take pride on ensuring where possible you only wait a maximum of 5 working days for delivery, however delivery usually only takes 2 to 3 working days. And, where I can I dispatch the same day or the very latest the next working day (Monday to Friday) . Your items are lovingly readied for dispatch and delivered U.K. wide by the trusted and reliable royal mail delivery network, again by a responsible well trained and trusted human.

Happy Shopping:

  1. Browse the available 'lit-up' blue categories below.

  2. Click a category and browse the selections.

  3. Click the eBay button and buy!

  4. Take delivery, happy days!

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Be advised there is a 14-day period (from delivery date) for any returns, exchanges or refund.

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